8yd containers

8 cubic yard , the builders type

Most common skip - For general and heavy media waste. Comes with drop door if required. Ideal for rubble, soil, timber, scrap, garden waste and all general site waste.


12 cubic yard - 16 cubic yard

Scrap and general waste skips - Very versatile skips used around the factory where capacity containment is needed, where space is at a premium.

 enclosed containers

Fully enclosed lockable

Ideal for wind blown general waste, difficults and special waste such as asbestos, electrical, contaminated drums and containers and other sensitive materials.

20 cubic yard containers

20 cubic yard - 26 cubic yard

Heavy duty - Main uses are construction and demolition materials, soil, rubble, concrete, scrap and any other heavy materials. Easy loading rear door access and low sides.

35 yard compactors

35 cubic yard compactor skip

Main uses are reducing bulky light materials, cardboard, plastic, paper, putrescible food waste and sensitive materials. Can compact up to 12 tonnes or more. We also offer a compactor service.

26 to 40 yard containers

Enormous 26 cubic yard - 40 cubic yard

Medium light duty containers. Main uses, bulk disposal of voluminous light waste, light scrap materials, paper, plastics, cardboard and timber.

battery containers

Battery skip

Fully enclosed, leakproof and lockable for Ni-Cads and lead acid, a must for garages and other services needing to be compliant.

wet waste containers

Wet waste skips and containers

Fully enclosed and leakproof for the storage of bulk liquids, sludges, contaminated water and other wet media. Comes with stainless inlet and outlet valves.

tipper containers

Forklift tipper skips

With or without wheels - Ideal for placing around a site and feeding centrally located bulk skips.

liquid station containers

Liquid stations

Ideal for decanting or waste fluid storage. Comes with bund, drain and individual containers for separate waste types. Easily moved around the site with forklift. Comes with full signage and instructions.

special waste containers

Special waste containers

Enclosed, leakproof and lockable for the storage of hazardous materials. Fully vented and comes with interior bund. Ideal for dangerous or harmful materials.

special one off containers

Special one offs

Made to measure by our own fabrication department. Can be made from your own drawings or advised by our expert personnel.

Did you know...

Every steel can is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled over and over again into products like bicycles and of course new cans.