Last updated September 2010

The Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd, South Milford, Leeds

Bio-degradable and organic waste processing site

maltings aerial image

The Maltings Organic Treatment facility is utilising a former John smiths Brewery Malt House, converting the 130 year Maltings process into in-vessel composting for bio-degradable and organic waste.

The Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd is part of Mytum & Selby Waste Recycling and has been designed and developed in-house. The privately owned family run company purchased the site in 2001, it is located only 2 miles away. Built in 1862, The Maltings operated as part of the John Smiths brewing company. When the site became available on the market it was in a very neglected and derelict state, the majority of the metals and electricity cables had been stolen.

Mytum & Selby, a company dedicated to re-use and recycling for over 30 years saw potential in the sites original infrastructure, especially in dealing with waste materials and organic wastes and food including liquids. Mytum & Selby are continuously striving for landfill diversion, a major bulk of their industrial customers disposed of food/organic waste, it was important to Mytum & Selby for this waste to be dealt with.

Mytum & Selby have developed within the waste industry and changed with laws and legislation, it was important to deal with foods in a manner that was controllable, this meant enclosed, indoors and in-vessel. The company have built all their own operations, the process had to be adaptable and offer a complete solution for food/organic material disposal. Years were spent with the Council and residents gaining planning permission and putting together various designs required to build and operate such a site.

After much planning and rebuilding, the first stage of the process has officially opened at The Maltings, in the shape of an in-vessel composter. The new company ‘Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd’ have now taken control of the site and its operations.

The Maltings Organic was recently granted a 75,000 ton treatment permit and is equipped with two composting units, ABP shredding system, blending system, screening, shredding and waste collection system. For the past 4 years the company has worked closely with Hull University and has developed a great understanding and competence of the safe treatment of food and organic wastes. The future stages of the project are underway and include: AD and waste to ethanol along with a training facility and a green sustainability system.

tyes of waste disposed of

Just some of the types of waste disposed of at the Maltings site.

The Maltings Organic Treatment facility is a long awaited dream that Mytum & Selby had before most others had even thought about the treatment of organics. The company have given the Maltings a stable platform to build and operate on, after carrying out much research and building the company without debt or external financing.

The Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd offers a fully equipped in-vessel composting system, with a current capacity of 30,000 tons per annum, dealing with foods, green waste, ABP materials, liquids, sludges and many more organic and biodegradable wastes.

Sitting within a fraction of the building, the system is fully enclosed and controlled. The vessel system or first stage reactor vessel can be developed further, the vertical vessel sits encased in a brick surround, spanning over three floors and is completely sealed.
The vessel is designed for the first stage of sanitisation and ABP compliance, the design allows the complete control of odours, bio-aerosols and other emissions to the external site as well as the internal workings for the staff, ensuring a clean, safe facility.

Compost is to be manufactured to PAS100 standard, the company have previously achieved this at their Mytum & Selby depot. Further research will be undertaken to look into markets and other products, to fully maximise the product created.

compostThe capacity of 30,000 tons per annum, is the first stage of future potential, work is underway to convert part of the site to open a further 45,000 tons per annum of aerobic composting to fully utilise the 75’000 ton per annum EA Permit granted in 2010. The company will also expand into anaerobic digestion, this will be established using the standing infrastructure, part of the site already earmarked for AD as the potential for 100’000 tons per annum. Research is also taking place into various AD technologies on the market. A waste to ethanol process is also in the design stages, although this part will require further planning permission and development within the site.

De-packaging systems and pre-processing systems are in place, whilst others are being installed and utilising off the shelf kits and developing bespoke kits. The pre-processing side of the site will be equipped to deal with in excess of 75’000 tons or packaged or contaminated material. Part of the development is to strip the organic fraction from MRF residues and municipal waste, wastes that currently go to landfill.

Standing at 11 acres and with an unrestricted planning permission for tonnages and vehicles the Maltings Organic Treatment Facility is one of the largest planned organic waste processing sites in the UK, with massive potential to develop further and fully utilise organic wastes in the manufacture of products and energy all within one site.

To further the sites reach, the company have developed relationships with local Freight Rail, to reinstate the once used industrial rail sidings to the site, giving a full alternative approach to transporting waste and products from all over the UK in huge volumes.

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