End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) Yorkshire

Any vehicle that is no longer deemed road worthy is now classified as an End of Life Vehicle (ELV). In the UK approximately 2 million vehicles reach the end of their life each year, the most common reasons for vehicles becoming ELV’s are old age, general wear and tear, accidents and damage caused by vandalism. Current legislation classifies any ELV as hazardous waste meaning it is heavily regulated by environmental law until it has been fully treated at a licensed facility and all toxic substances are removed.

The ELV Directive was introduced amid growing concerns over the amount of waste generated from vehicles and the lack of authorised treatment facilities. The Directive imposes strict environmental standards on all ELV treatment sites, aiming to minimise the amount of waste produced, encourage reuse, recycling and recovery and restrict the use of hazardous substances in new vehicles or replacement vehicle parts. The Directive enforces the importance of disposing of ELV’s correctly by applying fines to those that are incompliant, it is important that vehicles are disposed of responsibly, at a professional and fully compliant treatment site.

The correct environmental procedure of any End of Life Vehicle involves de-pollution, where any positive components and fluids such as oil, fuel and coolant are recovered for reuse or recycling and all negative elements like tyres and mercury that can be harmful to the environment are removed safely.

A professional and experienced waste management company offering ELV treatment services is the ideal solution for any individual or business wanting to dispose of their vehicles.

Collecting, storing, treating and disposing of ELV’s can pollute the environment therefore it is vital that everyone ensures their vehicles are treated and disposed of at a proper ELV treatment facility. Mytum & Selby Waste Recycling Ltd is a waste management company based in Yorkshire that provides an ELV service that is fully compliant with relevant environmental rules and regulations.

If your vehicle is coming to the end of its life, no matter what the condition, Mytum & Selby can offer an End of Life Vehicle service that treats the vehicle, de-polluting and recycling the vehicle as scrap metal.

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