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Focusing on landfill diversion

The Vermeer shredding system allows Mytum and Selby to process huge quantities of wood waste including full trees and oversize stumps from forestry and felling, packaging materials including pallets and chip board, green waste such as garden materials and council greens and also vegetable matter from farms. Producing compost feed at 10mm, chip for board manufacture, soil conditioner and bio fuel feed.

This fully automated shredding system which is designed to be run by a specifically trained member of staff. Simon Sherwood Mytum & Selby's processing manager has passed a 3 day operations and maintenance course to enable the shredder to be operated professionally and safely both on our depot and anywhere the shredder is situated, meaning that this shredding system is available for hire for large on-site contracts anywhere within Yorkshire.

Combined with our large stocking capacity and transport infrastructure this new processing power means we are able to deal with huge amounts of feed material and produce new products while maximising landfill diversion.

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